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The Nutrition Care Process

Assessment of


  • Medical history and current disease

  • Dietary history

  • Anthropometry (body weight, height, waist circumference)

  • Body composition using specific equipment (fat mass, free fat mass, intracellular and extracellular body fluids)

  • Muscle strength, functionality and likelihood of sarcopenia.


Nutritional Diagnosis


which involves identification of all nutrition related problems that the intervention will try to treat.


Nutritional Intervention


  • Provision of personalized diet based on patient’s preferences and needs.

  • Written and oral counseling to address any side effects of treatment that affect dietary intake.

  • In case of inadequate oral intake from foods, we provide instructions  for energy and protein enrichment of foods and beverages or we suggest other forms of nutritional support (fe.g.oral nutritional supplements).




  • Assessing the patient's compliance to the proposed intervention.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed intervention.

  •  Redefining the goals and the dietary intervention when patient appears with altered nutritional status.

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