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Nutrition care for cancer patients and patients with chronic kidney disease

"Composing the optimal nutrition based on your personal needs"

Nutrition Care for patients with cancer & Nutrition Care for patients with chronic kidney disease
Am I allowed to eat anything?
Nutritional Diagnosis


We offer complete diagnostic services which involves identification of all nutrition related problems that the intervention will aim to treat.

Should I manage my weight?
Nutritional Intervention
  • Provision of personalized diet based on patient’s preferences and needs.

  • Written and oral counseling to address every nutrition related problem.

  • In case of inadequate oral intake from foods, we provide instructions for energy and protein enrichment of foods and beverages or we suggest other types of nutritional support, e.g. oral nutritional supplements (considering concurrent goals, e.g. prevention/management of hyperphospatemia in patients with end stage renal disease)

Are vitamins good for me?
They told me about a special herb, should I take it?
Preparation before the Examination

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